It’s absolutely absurd… can you explain it to me? Trevor the dog relaxing on brown leather chair

Our Trevor (yep, that’s his name)… Trevor the Cavachon, responded with excitement to the John Lewis Christmas Advert and his video, in turn, went viral on the internet!

A campaign was even started by someone I don’t know – #GetTrevATrampoline and he got his own Facebook page.

At this moment in time, he’s had somewhere in excess of 11 million views across various platforms.

To put this in perspective;

He’s been seen by more people than the entire population of Greece, Belgium, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Austria, Switzerland, Singapore, New Zealand (excluding sheep), Jamaica, Macedonia, Latvia… the list goes on.

In fact, he’s now been seen by more people than the population of many of these countries combined!

The answer if you want a video to go viral – include a cute puppy or a cuddly kitten.  Simply stated – people share this stuff.

Trevor’s video going viral has been fun, that’s all it started out as… a bit of fun.

It took some work to get the traction and so I did it as an experiment.  Yes – it now generates a little add revenue which is pretty cool, but that wasn’t the experiment.  I wanted to understand some of the dynamics in creating a viral video.

Many business owners see a viral video as the Holy Grail, as utopia.

Over the last week or so loads of people have asked me, how can we get our product video to go viral, if we can do that then we’re made.

Not so – get over it.

In the small business world, you are far better off clearly identifying your target market and delivering a clear message to attract them to you.  Engage them in conversation.  Find out how you can add value and how you can build trust.  Try creating video blogs (vlogs) around key topics to serve your market.

Viral video works for some of the huge household brands – John Lewis themselves benefit not only from their advert, but all the ‘Trevor’s’ out there, and the referrals we effectively pass their way.

How actively are people in your field talking you up?  How actively are they spreading the word about your products and services?  Focus on making this happen and you’ll see the benefits and reap the rewards.

Are you using video effectively?  How about Facebook Live?  There’s no doubt video can attract attention and traffic to your Facebook Page or your website – but for most of us, we should be focusing on getting the right traffic that converts into paying customers – not the vanity of volume views.

Just in case you missed it… here’s a link to Trevor’s video on my YouTube channel.  Take a note of how it’s been tagged and what’s in the description etc.  All important factors in having your videos found on YouTube and in Google searches.

Please feel free to subscribe to my channel if you’d like free hints, tips and ideas to help boost your sales and profit.  There’s a lot more being added over the coming weeks and months.  Can’t guarantee you’ll see Trev in too many of them though.  I’m getting back to business and will leave the puppies and kittens to others.