Creating a "Yes" Culture
throughout your business

“Selling is no longer someone’s job within an organisation” - it’s everyones job.
The Eureka Selling methodology helps large companies, entrepreneurial business
owners and sales team win more business!  We can help you get to “yes” more
often with internal stakeholders or external clients.

Eureka selling is ethical selling - That's Sales made Simple!


Just released! Steve’s latest book – get your copy now.

Eureka Moments…
How to get to a ‘yes’ throughout your business.

“Engaging and insightful. Eureka Moments gives practical advice and examples of how to get to a ‘yes.’ I hope you enjoy the book and apply all that Steve has to share.”

Kriss Akabusi MBE

Revealed in the book;

  • How to sell far more without being ‘salesy’
  • Five simple hacks to help you build rapport
  • A seven day challenge that’ll change your life
  • The three hidden sales teams at your disposal
  • How to unleash the power of the impact triangle
  • Lessons from an Athens taxi driver to boost profits
  • The seven secrets to success from skiers off the slopes

… and much much more.

If you are an ambitious business looking for a proven Sales Success System that simply delivers more profit, then. . . Eureka Selling is the answer.

Working together, we’ll unearth the blockages in your business that prevent sales, improve the efficiency of your existing sales processes and give
you end to end control of all your sales and marketing. Easily implemented, you’ll soon see an immediate difference with results to match.

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Transform your event – get lasting results.

Entrepreneurial Leadership – Sales – Marketing – Customer Service

What makes Steve Clarke different to other inspirational and motivational business speakers?

He has taken his own business from start up to stock market flotation. Another to a successful multi-million pound sale and exit. He walks his talk. No theory from a book, everything he shares is from practical first hand experience.

Steve has entertained, educated, inspired and motivated audiences across 5 continents and in more than 40 countries. The same common questions cross every geographical, industry sector and cultural boundary;

How can we get our people more engaged – as a result, increase sales and profits…?

That’s precisely where Steve can help. It’s what makes his subject matter universally relevant, Steve makes it interesting, engaging and memorable.


A unique membership program for ambitious business owners – perhaps just like you…

Practical advice you can easily implement and peer group support.

Our Eureka Platinum Mentoring Groups provide a safe environment where like minded leaders from diverse industries meet, work, laugh and grow in business together.

Membership creates the opportunity each month to surround yourself with a positive peer group who will challenge your thinking, perhaps offer you a different and refreshing perspective on your plans that will help, and inspire you to reach your goals quicker than you could ever do by going it alone.

From world class guest speakers and presenters, you’ll learn new skills and techniques for improved performance, that will have an immediate and positive impact when you embed them into your business.

It’s incredible, it’s like having the board or directors you could never afford



Laser focused 1-2-1 coaching and mentoring could be precisely what you need to jump from good… to great!

Who is holding you as the business owner to account? Who can you turn to for help and advice on confidential matters?

Are you struggling to scale your operation? Do you need help to get your teams more engaged and performing at a higher level to produce the results you’ve always dreamt of?  Whatever the challenge 1-2-1 mentoring could help you achieve your goals.

Steve Clarke – the founder of Eureka Selling brings to the table over 30 years experience of owning and operating his own businesses. He successfully grew his last company to over £30m in annual revenues in just 8 years.

We also have a comprehensive team of highly qualified Business Coaches with complimentary business skill sets. Whatever your challenge – we have an expert who can help…

He has been there himself and understands every challenge we face



Over £500 worth of premium sales tools and we’re adding extra content all the time!

As Eureka Sales Made Simple Club member you’ll have access to…

Three video courses, workbooks and templates – 

  • The Eureka Simple Growth Hacking video course
  • The Eureka System™ training modules
  • The Eureka Sat Nav

You’ll also receive my two Ebooks –

  • How To Thrive, Not Just Survive
  • Eureka Moments

Join the Eureka Sales Made Simple Club today!

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Delivering Results

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