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The Eureka Selling Academy is a community of SME business owners, entrepreneurs, sales people and marketeers… A community with a common objective – to discover how to boost sales and profits, resulting in successful business growth. That’s… #SalesMadeSimple!

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An expression of excitement and satisfaction when one finds or discovers something.

The answer hit me. ‘Eureka!’ I cried. [ as noun ] : there weren’t many eurekas but science is moving steadily. [ as modifier ] : the eureka moment for him came when he was hill-walking.

Find a way – Don’t find an excuse…

I attended Steve’s Masterclass yesterday. Having been on a few of these things before I wasn't really looking forward to it but it was BRILLIANT! Steve's presentation was very entertaining, informative and extremely inspirational. Thank you Steve. Highly recommended.

Mark Key
Account Director at Pierrot

I attended Steve's training course yesterday and it was EXCELLENT. I have been on many courses in my time as an entrepreneur and can only say that this course was the most useful, insightful and excellent course I have EVER attended. Cannot recommend highly enough. Thank you Steve.

Jane Hardy
Business Networking for Ladies and Gents who are looking to Connect

If you truly want to re-energise your thinking, change your behavior and kick start your self-belief then you need to attend a Steve Clark seminar. He is fresh, real and no nonsense. It is easy to forget that 'you' are your business - Steve gets you on track.

Baz Seal
Founder/Photographer at Reporter Pictures

Highly entertaining. Highly inspirational. Highly effective - I had amazing success putting into practice just one of his recommendations on my first call the very next day!

Kim Bird
Founder & Chief Exec at About the Funeral


Are you ready for expert help to make a simple, effective and actionable plan for growth?


The Eureka Sales Success System

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I’m really eager to help you build and own the business of your dreams – not one from your nightmares.

My name is Steve Clarke –  I grew my last business to over £30 million a year in sales with a great profit line to match in just 8 years. My goal is to help you boost sales and profits in your business – the simplest way I know how.

Let’s be clear right from the off – if you’re looking for some form of Harvard University – ground breaking, thought leadership gobbledegook – you’re going to be disappointed. This is not about finance or operational issues – this is all about vital elements of business that will allow more of the right people… to buy from you … more often.

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I wanted to have a great speaker for our seminar in Spain and I got one!... truly amazing. He has passion... and humour... he really cares that the audience go away with some great sales ideas and techniques. I cannot recommend him highly enough and he is definitely top of my list for great speakers!

Gina Marks | GM Events Spain